Freedom – our debt service

We work on a step-by-step approach, whereby the service user always feels in control and in charge, fully involved in every step of the way.

  1. The client support worker will forward the referral and all documents and information needed.
  2. We will then make an appointment with the client and the support worker.
  3. We discuss the case in full at the appointment and complete a budget with the client.
  4. We will send for a credit report to ensure no accounts have been forgotten.
  5. Discuss the options available to allow the client to move forward in their situation, based on the clients individual circumstances.  
  6. We can contact the creditors on behalf of the client if they wish, negotiate with creditors or help the client move forward in the chosen debt solution, this could be informal solutions: Token offers to creditors, pro-rata offers to creditors or a Debt Management Plan, or formal solutions: Debt Relief Order, Bankruptcy or IVA.  Other options are also available.   
  7. We can also support ongoing to ensure that the client is managing their budget.

As you can see, in this way we work to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no holes are left to ensure the service user gets the most out of coming to see us. If you or someone you know needs help with debt, come and visit at one of our centres where the times and locations are listed on the homepage.

If you wish to support us in continuing this work, please consider donating.