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We have recruited a new Cluster Support Worker for the Sheffield area, to cover three centres in Renishaw, Killamarsh, and Tinsley. Jessica Holmes will be responsible for working alongside the 3 Methodist Churches and supporting the volunteers to expand on their already good work depending on the needs of their community. Jess will be encouraging the engagement and participation of local people with existing and new church activities and raising awareness with other community groups and organisations. Volunteers are key to this work, and so building confidence in local people will be very important. In each of the centres, it is our aim that volunteer Client Support Workers are available at our free cafes to support local people with many issues, such as housing, benefits, addiction, etc. Volunteers are already active in this role across 2 of the centres. Jess will be a central point of contact for the volunteers across the 3 areas and will be recruiting new volunteers to join the team, all of whom will receive support and training from Freedom.

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