What People Are Saying About Us

Person talking into tin can connected by string

It’s always amazing to hear people’s opinions of us, and how we’ve affected their lives. Here are a few comments that have been made to us in 2018:

You are always there for people in times of crisis.

Keep up the great work that you provide everyone.

Great friendly people who do not judge.

Great service and wonderful staff.

Very welcoming.

I have attended a few of the Freedom Project’s services/events and I can’t praise them enough they put on amazing events that families who can’t afford treats for their kids can attend and it makes such a difference as these children can go back to school and tell friends about things they have done and how much fun they have had rather than having to say they haven’t been anywhere because their parents couldn’t afford it, I really think you are so very valuable to the community and I love seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces when I come along to any of your events. A huge thank you to all involved.

Keep up the excellent work that you do!